Parent coaching is a process that can support you in navigating through your parenting challenges. Using a Parenting with Nonviolence approach, we strive to uncover existing strengths within the parent, child, and family unit that can be utilized in improving day-to-day dynamics. We provide focus and structure to the change process, allowing you to get in touch with your core values, long-term intentions, and inner-knowing so that you can reach specific goals for your family. 

Parent Coaching is NOT Therapy

Some key differences between therapy and coaching:

  • Therapists work with clients to heal past wounds until ‘closure’ is achieved.

  • Therapy can include diagnosis of the client and last months to years.

  • Coaches deal in the present with clients who are ready to move forward.

  • Coaches provide current research and information to educate clients and provide them with new skills to address their challenges.

What Can You Expect?

What can you expect?

  • A certified professional who helps you cultivate a stronger relationship to your child.

  • A coach knowledgeable in child development who shares researched-based best practices for supporting your child’s optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

  • A skilled educator who will teach you new skills for fostering cooperation, communication, and connection with family members.

  • An empathetic ally who supports your timeline for growth.

  • A collaborator who works with you to plan a path forward toward more harmony and joy in your family.

Please fill out the coaching form below if you are ready to explore working with us one-on-one through one or more parent coaching sessions 

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