Parenting with Nonviolence Workshops

Our 6-week series teaches a new paradigm for raising kids, through connection, empathy, compassion, and self-regulation. During each 2.5 hour class, we use role-play, meaningful interaction, and guided self-reflection to support you in developing tools and effective strategies that support you in raising empathetic and capable children, while honoring your own individual journey of parenthood. As parents, we have a unique opportunity to empower our children with the skills for connecting with others, resolving conflicts, and contributing to peace in our world.

Participants receive:

  • Information on brain and child development, trauma prevention, self-reflection and self-regulation practices, etc.

  • Hands on tools + an opportunity to practice

  • Guidance for continued support

  • Lending library of books and media

  • Involvement in growing community of Latinx parents shifting the paradigm for their families

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