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At Latinx Parenting we operate from the understanding that like each family, each child, each classroom, each school and each organization that serves them is unique and has specific needs.  Our team is ready to work with you to develop a training program that meets your individual and collective needs to best serve the individuals and families you come into contact with daily.  


We can provide a variety of topics for professionals, from one-hour overviews of Trauma-informed Nonviolent Child Raising to and one- to two-full day professional development trainings.  We can assist in the planning and integration of a school or organization-wide culturally and trauma sensitive strategy.  We are also able to offer consultation on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to provide what you need to enhance your organization and programming using a framework of nonviolence rooted in cultural sensitivity, historical and individual trauma awareness. We recognize that for many organizations serving families this process is just that: a process. 

If you would like us to begin the process of bringing Latinx Parenting to your organization, please fill out the request form.

We invite you to look at some first-hand testimonials below! 

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"As a first generation Mexican-American woman and parent educator, I have observed a mixture of parenting skills that, at times, do not support each other. The juxtaposition of cultural norms and values (Mexican vs. American) created a distaste for my own roots; in turn, I struggled as a professional educator working with the Latinx population.  “Dejando la Chancla” provided me a better understanding about why Latinx parents discipline in the way they do. It provided a foundation to understand parenting choices and emphasized the importance of approaching the topic of discipline with cultural relevance."

-Diana Silveira, Parent Educator, Olive Crest

—  Diana Silveira, Parent Educator, Olive Crest

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