The Latinx Parenting Story

Lizeth with  son, Emiliano, in 2018

Lizeth and Leslie came together first as friends in 2017 after meeting on social media. We discovered that we were both professionally trained by the same mentor: Ruth Beaglehole, we knew many of the same Nonviolent Parenting community members, and we spoke the same "giraffe" language (NVC)! 

Once we began to connect more both online and in-person, we realized that the vision we had for not only our own families, the ways in which we could serve other families through our work, and our larger vision for our community was essentially... the SAME! 

Since that realization, and much expressed awe for having manifested each other's "answered prayer" in terms of a partner in this endeavor, we have been able to engage in a beautiful collaboration to continue evolving and fine tuning our goals for the Latinx Parenting mission. We are grateful to have found true teammates and champions of this work. 

Leslie with her second child, Mayla, in 2018

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