The Latinx Parenting Story

Lizeth Toscano with  son, Emiliano, in 2018

Leslie Arreola-Hillenbrand & Lizeth Toscano came together first as friends in 2017 after meeting on social media. They discovered that they were both professionally trained by the same mentor: Ruth Beaglehole, knew many of the same Parenting with Nonviolence community members, and spoke the same "giraffe" language (NVC)! 

Once they began to connect more both online and in-person, they realized that there was a shared vision had for their own families, the ways in which they could serve other families through this work, and a larger vision for the Latinx community.


Leslie invited Lizeth to join in growing this movement and in 2018 they began their journey together in developing programming and content in support of Latinx families wanting to break intergenerational cycles of trauma.

Lizeth served within the Latinx Parenting organization from 2018-2020 until she departed to honor her  changing needs and capacities, and to focus on the growth of her family in anticipation of her second child. Her labor and passion in the initial phases of growth remains felt and foundational in the work of Latinx Parenting. 

Leslie with her second child, Mayla, in 2018

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